Since 1985. 30+ Years of Experience! Leaders in Performance.

Celebrating 30+ Years Of Experience

1985 to 2016

30+ Years Experience

Invest in an experienced company when you want a project done on time, on budget.

Certified Experience

Fully insured and licensed construction company with impeccable hiring standards.

Project Management

Our Project Managers team has years of experience in a variety of construction projects.

Always Competitive

Invest in SDC when you want the project done right, on time, for a fair price.

We Have the Tools & Equipment

From  large GPS guided earth moving machines and GPS fleet management and everything in between.

We Are Experts

With 30+ years of construction experience, we simply know more than our competitors.

Our Services

Underground Utility

Southern Development & Construction experience covers the full range of underground utility construction work from water supply, sanitary, storm water, reclaim, lift stations, storage and distribution networks for wastewater treatment system.


At Southern Development & Construction we are never satisfied, which is why we have pooled our collective experience in land clearing, earthwork, underground utility and construction activities to provide development services on residential, commercial and industry clients.


Southern Development & Construction construction services personnel combine both design experience with extensive on-site engineering and contracting experience. Our personnel consists of contractors uniquely qualified to provide construction services.

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